St Mary Newhouse
St Mary Newhouse

St Mary’s Newhouse, Station Lane, Barton, Preston PR3 5DY

Priests: Fr Robert Horn and Father Simon Hawksworth Tel: 01772 862831 - Email: 

Primary School: St. Mary’s and St. Andrew’s Tel: 862335


Newhouse News

The 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time        22nd October 2017

Mass Times and Intentions.

Sun 22nd


Robert & Margaretta Wilkinson

Tue 24th


Christina Herbert (A)

Wed 25th



Canon David Bottrill L.D.

Thur 26th 


Fr. Kevin Lowry L.D.

Fri 27th



Sun 29th


Bernard Jones (A)


Please remember in prayer our sick and/or housebound parishioners;  and all who have died recently or whose anniversary of death occurs at this time, including Nicola Lamoury.


Reconciliation (Confession): Wednesdays, after 7.00pm Mass.  Or ring 862831 for better day or time.


Thank you for the collection last Sunday: £ 302.88 Attendance  71. Further donations to CAFOD of £65 making a total of £276.95; that’s remarkable, thank you.


October Devotions with Rosary and Benediction at Our Lady & St. Edward’s THIS Sunday 3pm. Next Sunday at St. Mary’s.



Collection today after Mass. Gift Aid envelopes available. This collection is the crucial missionary one of the year: what is given all over the world is pooled, and the mission areas in most need are prioritised for help. Can we be as generous as we were to Cafod?  


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: Every Saturday morning at Our Lady & St. Edward’s 9.30-10.30 Purpose: to pray for vocations to priesthood & relig. life.


“JOURNEY IN FAITH” (=RCIA, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) a presentation and discussion of the Catholic Faith. If you are wondering about the Catholic Faith, this is for you, but for Catholics, too. Sundays 7.30 pm in the Presbytery at Our Lady and St. Edward’s.


BABY-LOSS MEMORIAL next to Our Lady’s altar. You can pray and reflect there, and maybe light a candle. There are cards with a phone contact that might help. Leaflets, too.


EVERY SUNDAY now, in the presbytery, a cuppa and a biscuit while we chat after Mass. Will you come in for a few minutes before going home?



Envelopes for the November Remembrance list are in the stand on the blue table at the back of church. Please take one and return as soon as possible. There is a basket for you to put the envelope in

“It is a Holy and good thing to pray for the dead”

2 Maccabees



Please would anyone who has a red Mission Box bring it in for counting. It is important to make sure your name and address are on the box (They can be handed in to the sacristy or left at the back of church).

OLD £1 COINS are now homeless. What better place than a RED MISSION BOX?  Not got one? Just ask.


SHEILA’S QUIZ – Friday 17th November

7 for 7.30pm start.  Tickets available soon after Mass.  Hot Pot supper included. In the school Hall. Please make a note in your diary.


CONFIRMATION: children in Year 6 and upwards (if they live in the parish or worship here) are invited to apply urgently for this Sacrament. Apply to the priest at Mass, and record your name and your family’s email. The time limit for applying is this month.

Adults, too, if not confirmed. Separate course for you.


Prayer for a new bishop for us:  Almighty God, eternal shepherd and guide, in your love for us, grant to our Catholic diocese of Lancaster a shepherd who will lead us to be Christ’s heart of mercy, voice of hope and hands of justice. Help him to fill our minds and hearts with the truth of the Gospel, the power of the sacraments, and the desire to build up your holy Church. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Friday, 27th Oct. 50th anniv. of Abortion Act. We need to continue to press MPs to protect the unborn, and on Friday we could light a candle in church at the Baby-loss memorial, pray there, observe a minute’s silence (there or at home) for the 8.8 million babies killed, and pray for their mothers. And of course pray for the authorities and media and abortion clinics to have a change of heart. 



The proposed memorial will be a 2 x 3-foot dense Welsh-slate panel carved in bas relief by Liverpool artist Terance McGunigle. It will depict the martyr on the way to the gallows carrying in his hand a picture of the crucifixion. It will possibly be erected in the church entrance. Below it will be his words written to his family and friends immediately before execution,

I trust we shall once meet in heaven, to our eternal comfort.

Richard Herst of Broughton was hanged for his faith at Lancaster Castle 29th August 1628.
Donation envelopes with a Gift Aid Declaration are attached to your bulletin today. We look to your generosity to provide this small memorial to a man of great faith and charity. Thanks to those who have already, and very generously, made contributions. An account of his arrest, trial and execution is also attached to your bulletin and the book from which it is taken is on display in church.

The Word of Mercy


Canon Robert Horn, Parish Priest  

or Fr Simon Hawksworth 


St Mary Newhouse Presbytery

Station Lane, Barton PR3 5DY

Telephone: 01772862831



Telephone: 01772 862437


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See the new website launched by the Catholic Church in England and Wales by following this link

It is designed to help all grappling with issues around the meaning of dying and death. Based on the Catholic tradition but open to all, it features real-life stories about dealing with the journey through death to eternal life.